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Proactive care in West Sussex

Here you can learn about how we provide proactive care in West Sussex.

Read this letter from our Principal Clinical Pharmacist, Karen Varisco, in Clinical Pharmacist (Vol 8 Iss 1) January 2016 about how our Coastal West Sussex Proactive Care service is reducing hospital admissions for frail elderly people.

Meet Peggy - who was referred

See more information about this video.

Sadly Peggy Minor passed away on 20 July 2016 after a sudden illness.

Our teams and their contact details:

What this means for you

Proactive care is a better way to support people with complex health and care needs and their carers.

Read the proactive care leaflet.

See our simple fact sheet showing 10 key benefits of proactive care.

What proactive care is about

The simple aim is to help you stay as healthy as possible, and to live independently in the community for as long as possible.

Frail older people and people with long-term health problems too often find that the health and care support they need is:

  • Fragmented when it should be coordinated.
  • Difficult to use when it should be easy.

Proactive care is a way to fix this problem. It involves the health and social care staff that look after you working together in new ways to coordinate the care you need.

How it works

We will provide health and care services to support you, and also help you to look after yourself more effectively, for example with better exercise and diet, or by taking any medication properly.

We will agree plans with you and your carers to help you manage your needs in ways that help keep you healthy for longer.

We’ll work together to avoid the need for an unplanned trip to hospital.

Through proactive care we aim to:

  • Improve the quality of care we offer.
  • Make our services easier to understand and use.
  • Stop unnecessary duplication, for example by having simpler assessment processes.
  • Be more efficient, offering better value for money.
  • Wrap care around you wherever you are, so you experience a single delivery system.
  • Offer better quality care that helps you to stay independent for as long as possible.
  • Help you manage your long-term conditions more effectively, including dementia.
  • Help reduce unnecessary hospital visits, which in turn will help us make best use of acute hospital services.
  • Help us improve our end-of-life care services.

Who works in the proactive care teams?

Our proactive care teams are made up of health and care workers from areas such as:

  • Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Psychological therapists
  • Community Link Workers

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) is leading the proactive care process in Coastal West Sussex on behalf of our commissioners. We also provides proactive care in Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex on behalf our of our commissioners. Further information about proactive care is available from our commissioners websites:

We are co-ordinating our services with those provided by: