What does this service provide?

Through these teams, older people and adults with complex health needs who urgently need care, can get fast access to a range of health professionals within two hours. This includes access to physiotherapy and occupational therapy, medication prescribing and reviews, and help with staying well-fed and hydrated.

We provide an urgent assessment within two-hours, and further support within 48 hours, for a short time. This is to help people recover quickly and keep their independence. 

2-hour UCR works closely with ambulance services, GP practices, mental health and other hospital and community services, as well as social care and voluntary sector organisations. 

Who we are 

The team providing the UCR service is a multi-skilled team including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, paramedics, pharmacists and health and therapy assistants. This means the team can meet a range of needs quickly and offer the best level of support for each individual. 

What we do 

The UCR Service provides urgent support, seven-days a week, to help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. This is achieved by providing a two-hour crisis response delivered by a multi-skilled team of professionals. Support is provided at home or where they usually reside for people who are concerned their health or mobility is declining and are therefore at risk of admission to hospital. The service also provides a two-day response for patients who require support to regain their skills, confidence, and independence to remain safely in their home or usual place of residence, following an illness.  

The service is not intended for patients who are very seriously unwell and need emergency care in hospital. Patients who are triaged and are not suitable for the two hour response may be signposted to other more appropriate services within Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. If a patient needs emergency hospital care the UCR team will coordinate a safe transfer to hospital for an inpatient admission.

​The UCR service also supports patients to be discharged from hospital in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary delays and support the best outcomes for the patient. 

The duty clinical coordinator ensures that all patients under the care of the UCR service have the appropriate and required clinical care, reablement and personal care visits each day.  

Appointment information

Appointment types

We provide home visits and telephone contacts. 

Your first visit will include a full holistic assessment, taking into consideration mental health and social factors, and is completed by the most appropriate clinician from the team. 

Following this assessment an individualised plan of care will be made with your involvement. This could include therapy visits, personalised exercise programmes, equipment provision and reablement care support or nursing. 

On completion of your care, UCR will support you with onward referrals if required.  

Who you’ll see 

Our team includes doctors, nurses, paramedics, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, GPs and health and therapy assistants. You will see whoever is most appropriate for the care you need. 

How can I access this service?

The UCR Service accepts referrals from: 

  • patients and carers 
  • general practitioners 
  • paramedics 
  • NHS 111 services 
  • health and social care professionals 
  • residential and nursing homes 
  • hospital (to minimise prolonged stay/s) 
  • voluntary services 

To access our service, patients must meet the following criteria: 

  • be over the age of 18 
  • have consented to UCR service provision 
  • be able to manage safely at home or their usual place of residence with time limited contact 
  • be safe at home in between visits and overnight 
  • anticipate treatment required is short-term and expected to take no longer than a few days 

How can I contact this service?

UCR is provided across Sussex. When contacting us you will be asked to confirm your location and your call will be directed to your local team. 

Opening hours 

Urgent community response runs 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

Waiting times 

We aim to respond within two hours in line with NHS England’s two-hour urgent crisis response standard and two days for reablement services.

Contact details
Telephone: 0300 3737 111

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