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Occupational Therapy for Adults

Accident, illness and ageing can turn everyday activities such as getting out of bed, getting washed, preparing meals and going to work or school into challenges which reduce independence and undermine our sense of identity. Occupational therapists (OTs) can help when everyday activities become difficult. OTs know that being able to perform these daily activities is crucial to health and wellbeing.

Occupational therapists:

  • Work with people of all ages and backgrounds who are affected by accident, physical and mental illness, disability or ageing.
  • Give help and training in daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating, gardening, working and learning.
  • Offer advice on adapting your home or workplace to meet your needs.
  • Assess and recommend equipment, such as mobility aids, wheelchairs and artificial limbs and, if needed, advise on special devices to help around the home, school or workplace.

Our OT team at Crawley Hospital offers inpatient assessment and treatment on medical wards and in the stroke rehab ward. It also offers outpatient OT services, specialist splinting clinics and upper limb rehabilitation.

Our OT team at Horsham Hospital offers inpatient assessment and treatment to the hospital's Horizon Unit, a 38 bedded rehabilitation unit. It also offers outpatient OT services, specialist splinting clinics and upper limb rehabilitation.

  • Service Location:
    • Brighton
    • Hove
    • West Sussex
  • How To Access:
    Occupational therapy operates an open referral system. We accept referrals from GPs and other health care professionals. Members of the public can refer themselves directly to our service. Referrals can be made by telephone, fax or letter.
  • Contact Details:

    Brighton and Hove (Trust occupational therapists at Brighton General Hospital - Adults) - Therapy Hub: 01273 242117 opt 2, opt 2
    Brighton and Hove (Rheumatology and Hand Clinic only): 01273 696011 ext. 4071
    West Sussex: 0845 092 0414
    Crawley Hospital: 01293 600376
    Horsham Hospital Hand therapy: 01403 227000 ext.7145
    Horsham Hospital Horizon In-Patient Unit 01403 227000 ext.7246

  • Opening Hours:
    The service is generally available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
  • How to find us:
    Please contact the service in your area for details
  • More Information:
    See: The British Association of Occupational Therapists website - the professional body for all occupational therapy staff in the UK
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