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Heart Failure Service (North)

We are a community heart failure team working across the North locality of West Sussex. We see patients who are over 18 years of age with a confirmed diagnosis of heart failure by echocardiogram.

We visit patients in their own homes and work towards a target of reducing hospital admissions. We provide the patient with our contact details and written and verbal information around the management of heart failure; we give education around self management and recognizing early signs or symptoms of heart failure and when to contact us for telephone advice or a home visit review.

We work as per NICE guidance for Heart Failure (2010) and aim to optimize as indicated preventative medications for heart failure such as ACE inhibitors and Beta blockers. We work closely with the GP in managing patients with heart failure. We provide a personalized care plan for heart failure management and share care with the GP and other community services.

Support Groups

Many people with heart failure find it useful to meet others who have had similar experiences. This is equally true of their families and carers. We run a local heart failure patient support group every month at Crawley and Horsham Community Hospitals. The aim of the group is to:

  • Help you learn more about living with heart failure from experienced local specialists
  • Provide you with the opportunity to share experiences with other people with heart failure
  • Allow you the opportunity to feedback and make suggestions on how we can improve local services

To find out the date of the next meeting, to book a place or for more information please call our office on 01403 227042. There is no charge for the sessions and coffee and tea will be provided.

  • Service Location:
    • Crawley
    • Horsham
    • Mid Sussex
  • How To Access:

    We take referrals from the GP surgeries, the Secondary care hospitals and any other health professionals who identify the need for specialist care. Patients known to our service can refer themselves when care is needed as necessary. Referral forms are available for SCT staff on SCT staff intranet where referral criteria for Nurses are clearly outlined.

    Referrals to our service are via One Call
    Telephone: 01403 620457

    Download: Heart Failure Referral Form

    We do not cover out of hours and do not have emergency cover. In cases of emergency please contact your on call GP.

  • Contact Details:
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • How to find us:
    Located at Horsham Hospital

    Although we are located in the hospital, we do not hold any clinics routinely and any appointments will be scheduled and clinic room details clearly explained. Otherwise the hospitals have good community bus links and disabled parking available. Parking is limited and we recommend that you take public transport where possible.
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