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Belinda Alexander, International Nurse Recruitment Project Lead at Crawley Hospital met His Majesty King Charles III on Tuesday 14 November. The prestigious reception celebrated 75 years of the NHS and His Majesty’s 75th birthday.

Belinda was part of a group of internationally educated hospital staff from the region who attended the event.  They were being recognised by King Charles III for their contributions to the NHS, and to highlight the invaluable role the international workforce plays in the running of the NHS.

Belinda Alexander meeting his Majesty King Charles III
Belinda Alexander meeting his Majesty King Charles III

Belinda said: “I was excited beyond words when I receive the invite to attend the celebrations at Buckingham Palace. The reception room was packed with nurses from all cultural backgrounds. I was delighted when the King shook my hand and took a keen interest in my personal life coming to England as an international educated nurse 23 years ago and how often I go home.

The King was very impressed of the work I do for SCFT. What impressed me the most is that he went to the next person, turned back to me and said ‘I am very impressed with your work, very impressive indeed’. Those words spoke volumes to me, as I received the Royal approval for the impressive work we do at SCFT. This made my day.  It was an honour and privilege for me to attend such a remarkable occasion celebrating his 75th Birthday.  A very memorable experience indeed!”

The reception was also attended by NHS England’s chief executive Amanda Pritchard, chief nursing officer Ruth May, deputy chief nursing officer Duncan Burton, chief midwifery officer Kate Brintworth and the Health and Social Care Secretary Victoria Atkins.