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In order to keep the Zachary Merton Hospital building safe and secure, we are installing metal panelling to the building.

The need for this added building protection has come about following a break-in on the site which resulted in damage to the building earlier this week, and we are supporting the police with their investigation.

The metal panelling will help to keep the site safe and prevent any further damage to the building whilst it remains temporarily closed.

The hospital was temporarily closed at the end of last year due to compounding estates issues which affected the building, including water leaks and problems with the heating system. Following this, we have undertaken a thorough assessment of the site and had an independent condition survey and report completed.

The report has found that the work that is needed to bring Zachary Merton Hospital to the right standard for our patients and staff is substantial and will require significant financial investment.

Based on the survey report, if any works were to be undertaken, a minimum of 12 months would be required from the start of works for them to be completed. Due to this extended timeframe, Zachary Merton will remain closed whilst we work through plans with our teams and with system partners to determine the next steps.

We are working closely with our teams who were based at Zachary Merton to support them in their on-going work arrangements. This also includes identifying additional temporary office space in the Littlehampton area to complement existing available locations for colleagues to utilise.

Our patients remain our priority and our teams are continuing to work with our partners across Sussex to ensure that people are receiving the best possible care in the most appropriate place, from hospital to community care, to within their own homes.

Page last reviewed: 28 June 2024