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Nathan Freeman is one of our Complex Care Co-Ordinators for Urgent Community Response-West Sussex and has been playing in International Wheelchair Tennis Tournaments since 2022.  He recently took part in the Demirci Akincilari Open in Turkey and was a runner up in the QUAD wheelchair tennis doubles tournament gaining his first international trophy by winning the deciding match 6-2 6-2.

This has resulted in Nathan now being ranked 65th in the world for QUAD doubles and he is currently ranked 99th in the world for QUAD singles.

Nathan said: “The win has given me huge confidence as I plan my next tournament in Slovakia in June 2023. Juggling work and training can be a challenge, but I am fortunate to really enjoy my role within Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust and appreciate the support I have been given to still enable me to train twice a week.”

Congratulations Nathan!

Nathan Freeman with his award
Nathan Freeman with his award