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As part of Aphasia Awareness month and to raise money for a local aphasia charity, Say Aphasia, one of our members of staff, Kirsty Maguire (Speech and Language Therapist-Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team, Brighton) completed a sponsored swim across the English Channel last weekend. 

Kirsty together with the ‘Sea Aphasia' team completed the iconic 21-mile stretch of water that separates England and France.  It has taken three years of dedicated cold-water training, a few jellyfish stings and a close encounter with a seal and a dolphin to reach this epic achievement.

Kirsty said “There are more than 350,000 people living with aphasia in the UK and yet 85% of the population don't know what it is.  More people have aphasia than Parkinson's and MS and it's about time that awareness and support for this condition changes.”  

Kirsty Maguire
Kirsty Maguire, Speech and Language Therapist-Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team

At SCFT, we are so proud of Kirsty’s achievement, her determination and passion for spreading awareness and improving support for people with aphasia.  Aphasia is an impairment of language processing following acquired damage to the communication areas of the brain.