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Spotlight on projects funded by Sussex Community NHS Charity: 2. Standing desks

Date: 21 December 2021

SCFT’s official charity, Sussex Community NHS Charity, raises funds in aid of Trust projects that fall outside the scope of core NHS funding. 

It provides grants which improve the health of patients, staff and volunteers; support staff development; improve equipment and facilities for diagnosis and treatment; create patient and family-friendly care environments; and support medical research. 

In the second of five articles published this week to highlight examples of the charity’s work during the past 12 months, we look at its funding of standing desks for three of our community nursing teams. 

When staff with musculoskeletal problems recommended the health benefits of standing desks, the Trust’s Shoreham, Lancing and Chanctonbury Community Primary Care Network teams decided to buy some for themselves. 

Suzy Neve, General Manager – East Area, sought funding from the charity for eight desks – four for Shoreham, three for Lancing and one for Chanctonbury – and received a grant of £2,400. 

“The rationale was for the staff to be able to walk to their desk space and complete their office work and then to leave,” she said. 

“The staff are sitting in cars [some of the time] and for efficiency it was felt this was a good option. 

“The administrators who are in the office all day have found it beneficial for productivity and ease of moving around the office.” 

Procurement helped ensure the teams got the best possible deal – and the results were overwhelmingly positive. 

One member of staff said: “I have found great benefits, not only for my posture but for my mind. 

“It helps relieve back and hip pain I get from sitting down for long periods. 

“I also find that it gives me a bit more energy. I find when I sit down all day it seems rather a lot of effort to move; but when you’re already standing, nothing seems impossible. I also find it helps with productivity.” 

Another member of staff said: “I found it really helpful to have the option to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. 

“I find I get aches over the top of my shoulders when I’m sitting for long periods, as well as some lower backache, so standing up for short periods helped improve my posture to relieve these aches. 

“As my job is more desk-bound due to COVID, this option really helps!” 

Suzy said the charity’s help was “money well spent”. 

If you have an idea for a project at work and would like to find out if our charity can help, visit its website or contact our friendly team on 01273 266040 or by emailing sc-tr.charity@nhs.net

Full details of how you can get involved and support Sussex Community NHS Charity are also available on the website.