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A personal perspective on pre-medication for anxiety

Date: 02 December 2022

Dr Rob Emanuel, Consultant in Special Care Dentistry at SCFT and based at Haywards Heath Health Centre, has recently had an article published in the British Dentist Journal. 

The article considers the benefits of offering anxiolysis (a level of sedation where the patient is very relaxed but awake) to all patients experiencing anxiety about their dental treatment.

Demystifying the idea

Dr Emanuel said: “As a clinician who sees a lot of anxious patients, I hope to perhaps demystify the idea of providing anxiolysis for every dentist who reads the piece.

“Rather than many of these anxious patients being automatically referred for conscious sedation or general anaesthetic, perhaps they can be treated more simply and certainly in a more timely manner by their own general dentist, where they normally attend for care.”

Further information

You can read the full article here and you can also view Dr Emanuel’s research gate page here which contains details of other research that he has carried out for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust over the years.