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Toby Silverman - Vaccinator

Toby Silverman, who normally works as a specialist early years practitioner in the Trust’s Child Development Services, first heard about opportunities to join the COVID-19 vaccination programme via SCFT’s internal mail.


“They were looking for volunteers and trying to get life back to normal as quickly as possible,” says the 24-year-old, who lives in Haywards Heath. “I was more than happy to do it and it’s a bit of variety as well.”


Toby now attempts to work three days a week at the vaccination centre in Etchingham.


“I do really like it. It’s fantastic!” he says. “It’s so lovely to be out and about meeting people at the moment - having the chance to chat with the older people. They are all so grateful and you hear about their life stories. Having a two-minute chat really makes a difference to them because they’ve not been out for a year. I really enjoy it and it’s saving lives.”


Toby has been impressed by the organisation of the vaccination effort and “feels at home and welcome”.


“It’s run so perfectly,” he says. “The clinical leads and site leads are so supportive, and the shifts are so organised.


“I think it’s really lovely that so many nurses have come out of retirement and have volunteered. Everyone is going above and beyond. It’s really nice partnership working. It’s really successful and getting the world back to normal.”


Toby is optimistic about the future.


“Knowing that each day you are vaccinating that many people, providing comfort and the world is getting back to a normal place - it gives you more of a positive outlook on life,” he says. “There’s a beginning to the end.”

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