Our Thank You Cards

Delivering excellence

Change is important. We need to review and learn from feedback. Specialist services are important, staff are invaluable.

Thank you to Jennie Cloak to being there for me whenever I need help and support with everything. Best interpreter when I didn’t understand the language. Best work colleague and best friend – from Shrini Fernandi

Lisa Duff for the support with the childcare vouchers

Thanks you Staff Direct for all the hard work that you do for the services in the Trust, especially during the hard times of year! Keep up the good work!

Being Compassionate

To all our community nurses who work endlessly to deliver quality care to pour patients and the good people of Sussex – Thank you.

The HIV service where every patient is given time, information, support and the opportunity to improve their life and feel in control.

Achieving Ambitions

Thanking the Community HIV Service for their proactive and supportive approach to their patients and our staff.

To our leaders in the Trust – Thank you for embracing new ideas and initiatives. Making SCFT a great place to work!

Working Together

We aspire to work with as many people for the benefit of the patient. We will endeavour to have a positive impact with other organisations – Community HIV Service

The Nurseries for working together with parents and their shifts

I would like to say thanks to the EA team for making my time at work so enjoyable and productive – Lucy :)

To Community Neuro Rehab team at Brighton General, especially Kirsty – Thank you for everything you’ve done, for befriender group – Kirsty you’re amazing! – Nicole

Thank you to the MS Nurses across East and West Sussex for their continued support of each other, whilst the provide care for a diverse group of people with complex needs.

For Brighton General Neuro Rehab Team, especially Kirsty - Thank you for the befriender group! From Colin Lyall

To the HEDI team, a breath of fresh air to the Trust. Motivated people, encouraging others to be more motivated – well done!

To Charlotte Burns, Rebecca Laine, Lynne McDonald, Sue Johnson, Caroline Mullins and Mark Habibi, Thank you for organising exhibitions across our many frontline and staff support services to be here today, showcasing the vast contributions we all make to keep people well in the community and to support our greatest asset – our people! It has been an amazing day. Thank you, Paul – the Communications Team