Healthy Child Programme Administrator

I came into the NHS 2009. Previously, I had been in the private sector in hotels and catering and was looking for something to fit in around family life. I started as Bank staff and then saw the job going with the health visitors and became an admin in June 2010.

I was at Crawley hospital for a couple of years and then came over to Poundhill and I’ve been here ever since - the team here are really great!

I think it’s really important to celebrate the NHS 70th birthday because we all take it for granted! My friend has recently been in USA where they don’t have healthcare and you’re stuffed if you need it. It made me realise we’re so lucky. Sometimes the public judge it which is a shame but there are loads of positives. I think TV helps; certain shows which showcase the good side of the NHS are really great and help you to see a different side of it.

When I joined there was a lovely lady called Jan who taught me an awful lot. She was very professional and discreet which is important in this role. She was an administrator, she’s retired now but she was lovely! I kept in contact but haven’t seen her for a long time now. She was definitely a really good guide. I didn’t know anything about the NHS when I joined, I just thought it was one big thing so it was certainly a learning curve working alongside her.

My role involves dealing with a lot of highly emotional people on the phone, a proud moment for me was when a lady who phoned in was extremely depressed and there was no one else around so I was talking things through with her. She later came back and thanked me for helping her. That felt really good, getting any feedback is always lovely.

My greatest achievement is supporting the team. The Health visitors are constantly in and out and are very dependent on the administrators, I like supporting the team in this way. They are a great team and very supportive to me too!