Advance Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Lead Nurse for Hospital at Home

The NHS to me means that everyone in need is entitled to the same healthcare irrelevant of age, social, economic or racial differences.

I’ve worked in the NHS for 12 years, and my partner and I who also works for the service, are proud to be a part of this organisation where values and patients’ needs are put before anything else.

I feel that Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) specifically, which I have worked in for three years, adapts to meet changing and developing patient needs, and as an organisation it does this by supporting and communicating with its staff on many different levels.

In terms of the future for SCFT, I feel there will be more challenges and hopefully improvements in the acuity of care for patients treated at home.

My team in particular for example, Hospital at Home, are aware of our commitment to ‘Care without Carbon’ along with being environmentally conscious.

My NHS hero would be a colleague Neil. He was a very senior band 7 nurse in palliative care. Neil has taken on a role as a junior Hospital at Home band 5. He remains holistically minded and has great satisfaction in his role.

It’s always nice to celebrate birthdays, so I see the NHS turning 70 as a reminder that the older it is, the better it gets and the more experience it gains…like fine wine!