Primary Care Administrator

I love the NHS because of how often I see staff go above and beyond to help people. The first time I saw this is when I started at Stirling Hospital (now know as Stirling Community Hospital). An older patient was stranded in Stirling after a fall and she lived Stornoway, Scotland. The Trust and the A&E staff got her a flight back home to her village. Going above and beyond your duties that what the NHS is all about

It is really important to celebrate birthdays like the NHS70 because we should remember why the service is needed for the everyday person. Being American but being in the UK and having a health service for everyone is a strongest thing a country needs. No matter a person's income or health, you can get health care.

What's my proudest moment in the NHS? Well, I am clerical so I haven't had any special training on supporting people through grief. But my proudest moment, was when I sat with a grieving wife. I just sat with her, listening and just being there until the nurse can come to talk her. That's when I found out that sometimes just being there is more important then saying anything.

Susan Manson is my hero, the Area Manager Administration for Forth Valley Royal Hospital Clerical Departments in Scotland, my first NHS job. I remember one snow storm whenstaff were in from the previous night. I worked in Outpatients Surgical and Outpatient Prep. Susan and her two assistants just stroll in and informed us they will be doing all the re-booking patients that could not make it in and started pulling and achieving patient notes. She told everyone to focus on the patients that did make in and do the best you can. She helped out and made sure her staff were taken home when the weather got worse. She will always be my hero. We are still in touched.