Director of Operations

There are many reasons why the NHS should be celebrated and this huge milestone is a great opportunity for us to reflect.

Each of us will need the support of the NHS at some point in our life. I have experienced great care through our NHS, from wonderful midwifery and health visiting services that supported me through the birth and early years of my three children, to the care and kindness my grandfather received over several years of dementia, and at the end of his life. 

It’s wonderful to know that the work we do each and every day can help support people when they most need it.

The NHS, and our Trust in particular, have been hugely supportive of my development, there have been great opportunities and encouragement to help me progress my career.

But it’s not without its challenges. We are getting busier and the communities we serve have greater need.

What is so heartening about SCFT and the wider NHS is that when things get tough, people really pull together to get the job done. This is evident to me on a daily basis, our teams really go above and beyond to serve our communities. 

I think there is a huge amount to celebrate about the NHS as it turns 70, much to be proud of and lots of great achievements.

I think it’s a good opportunity to look ahead and to think about the things that the NHS can do more of or do better. Think what we could achieve together over the coming years…