Clinical Services Manager

I feel the NHS has given me an opportunity to fulfil my potential as a human being.

There are many reasons to love the NHS, for example, my family have been well looked after by the NHS through three generations. I have three healthy kids because of the NHS, and I have regular treatment for a chronic condition which is provided by the service.

Although in nursing we’ve stopped using the word ‘vocation’, I do believe that for most people within the NHS, there is an innate desire and altruistic drive to show compassion and care/love to our neighbours without prejudice.

Essentially, NHS staff are the cornerstones of what we understand to be community. I love that in a world of anger, pain and disharmony in big and small ways, the NHS redresses this negativity through the work that it does and reflecting on this work restores our faith in humanity.

Sometimes we get it wrong and it’s important to recognise that, but in many more ways we get it right. What we do every day is done because of who we are and what we believe is important, it’s not for the money that’s for sure!

It’s important to recognise the massive impact the NHS has had, through the many millions of people it has supported, treated, healed and allowed to die well. It is important to remember all those who have gone before us to build the NHS into the organisation it is today, and to reflect on what we as the current custodians are doing to improve things for the future, by encouraging a new generation of people to value the ideals of non-judgmental care free at the point of need. Past, present and future are all part of this celebration.

My proudest NHS moment would be in 1994, putting on my new starched uniform for the first time and walking into work being able to proudly call myself a qualified nurse!

My NHS heroes are the people I work with every day, the nurses, therapists and support staff. They come to work because they care about others; they do this in a political environment which does not value them to the level they deserve, and in a social environment which makes their work very difficult and complex. I am a very proud NHS employee and very proud to be a nurse. I also have an Aunt who was a nurse and she was a real inspiration to me - to see her dedication and expertise motivated me towards this career. My Aunt was 'old school' and feared amongst her staff, but the patients loved her and knew when she was on duty that every aspect of their care would be considered.