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Thank you for showing your interest in volunteering with us.

Please complete the below application form.

Our 3 step recruitment process is comprehensive but fair, and we want to encourage a broad range of volunteers as this will bring extra diversity and skills to our services. The minimum age is 16 and due the current government guidelines we cannot accept applications from anyone in a high risk group.

Complete the application form.

We will then send you relevant information and forms such as, Occupational Health, and
        Equality and Diversity forms. We may also require a Disclosure and Barring check
        (formerly CRB). Please read the DBS Privacy policy. You’ll also need to take and upload to
        this application a colour photograph of head and shoulders for your Volunteer ID badge.

        If you do not have a five year UK address history, a Certificate of Good Conduct from your
        country of origin or embassy will also be required.

        Under 18’s will also be sent a form for Parent/Guardian authorisation.

Informal interview followed by a compulsory training session before your volunteering role
        begins. (Due to Covid – 19 we are using technology such and Zoom and Facetime to operate
        our interviews and training. We can discuss how this works best for you).

        If you want to find out more about volunteering before you apply to Sussex Community NHS
        Foundation Trust, please contact our Voluntary and Community Development team::

Brighton and Hove - 01273 242191

West Locality - 01273 696011 ext.8135

High Weald, Lewes and Havens - 01273 666498 (currently closed to applications)

Central Locality - 01293 301001

Please ensure that referees, emergency contacts & Health Visitors (if appropriate) have been informed that we will be holding their information.

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*Please note - Recruitment is currently closed for High Weald, Lewes and Havens.


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We generally ask our volunteers to attend on a regular basis, usually weekly. Most of our volunteer opportunities occur Monday - Friday during working hours, although some opportunities are available at weekends and early evenings. Please let us know your availability below, if known.

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Please provide details of two people from two different organisations to whom we may write for a reference. These should be recent contacts, one should be known to the applicant for at least two years and one should be a professional reference if possible. Family members are not acceptable referees. It is useful for one referee to be a previous or current employer. For applicants who have not recently been in employment there are a number of individuals who could act as referees. These include: religious or cultural leader, teacher or tutor, case worker, community or social worker, family doctor.

Reference one

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Are you a United Kingdom (UK) European Community (EC) or European Economic Area (EEA) National? *

Please supply details of any Visa currently held below.

Please read the below statements

I confirm that the information that I have provided in this application form is correct and complete. I understand and accept that if I knowingly withhold information or provide false information this may lead to my application form being rejected.

Non-compliance with policies and procedural documents can affect patient safety, SCFT’s compliance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations, NHS Litigation Authority standards, and audits or inspections carried out by internal and external auditors and that a breach of Trust policies and procedures could be considered gross misconduct and may lead to dismissal and in some cases criminal prosecution.

I understand that during my voluntary work within the Trust, I may have access to information designated by the Trust as being of a confidential nature. I must not divulge, publish or disclose such information without prior written consent of the Trust. Improper use or disclosure of confidential information will be regarded as a serious disciplinary matter under the provisions of Data Protection Laws and must be reported.

I confirm that I have read the Volunteer Privacy Policy and DBS Privacy Policy.

I undertake to conduct myself in a responsible manner whilst on the hospital premises, to endeavour at all times to serve the patients and to work to foster good volunteer/staff relationships. I have read and understand the Volunteer agreement and Privacy Notice.



As an NHS Trust, we keep information about you for administrative purposes and this information is held confidentially and securely. The handling and processing of personal information is strictly controlled by Data Protection Laws.


Media Consent

I give my consent to being photographed/quoted by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) and can be used for a number of media channels including:

- For use on SCFT website, social media and intranet (Pulse)
- External/third party website(s)
- Press release and/national/local media
- Related materials e.g. patient leaflet




As part of your volunteering role you maybe required to wear SCFT uniform, either a Polo Shirt, Tabard or High Visibility Vest. Please select the size that you think is most appropriate for you.

Uniform Size *



Id Badge

For your NHS Volunteer ID badge, please upload a clear headshot photograph.

If you are unable to upload your photo now within your application you will need to take and send up a colour photograph of head and shoulders for your Volunteer ID badge.