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Community Neuro Rehab Team North (CNRT North)

We are a team of professionals working together to help people who have been clinically diagnosed with a Stroke, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage or Acquired Brain injury within the last 12 months, or with a diagnosis of a progressive neurological condition and who have the potential for improvement through rehabilitation. Our team will work with the patient and their families to help them manage at home and in the community either through rehabilitation or resettlement/support.

We can help with:

  • Speaking or communicating
  • Swallowing food or drink
  • Getting around, pain or weakness in joints or muscles
  • Coping with everyday tasks at home, work or leisure
  • Coping emotionally and acceptance of change
  • Understanding memory and behaviour changes
  • Energy Management

Our team consists of Team Leader; Physiotherapists; Occupational Therapists; Speech and Language Therapist; Nurses; Rehabilitation Assistants; Clinical Psychologist; Dietetic support; Administrator

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  • Service Location:
    • Crawley
    • Horsham
    • Mid Sussex
  • How To Access:
    Our service is for people registered with a GP in the Horsham, Crawley and Mid Sussex areas.
    Referral Route: The team accept referrals via their referral form which MUST be completed by telephone, fax or email (within Sussex Community Trust firewall) before any input will be considered.

    Referral criteria:
    • Diagnosis of stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage or acquired brain injury within last 12 months and confirmed by CT scan OR
    • Have a diagnosis of progressive neurological condition with complex needs.
    • Condition is as a direct result of a diagnosed neurological condition.
    • Those where specialist neurological rehabilitation support is required as part of palliative care team input.
    • Must be over 18 years of age.
    • Where patients have multi-infarct disease their predominant problem must be stroke related and they must be responsive to therapy.
    • Live within the appropriate locality - Horsham, Crawley, Mid Sussex.
    • Registered with a West Sussex GP.
    • Patient must be living in their own/family home or in a residential home. Patients in nursing homes will be visited for specialist advice only unless rehabilitation potential is identified.
    • People living with long term neurological conditions who are previously known to the service can self refer if their circumstances warrant further rehabilitative input.
    • Consent to referral.

    Referral forms can be obtained by contacting the Team. The team are happy to discuss potential referrals over the phone.

  • Contact Details:

    CNRT North
    Rose Wing
    Horsham Hospital
    Hurst Road
    RH12 2DR
    Telephone: 01403 620444

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

  • How to find us:
    We are located in Rose Wing, Horsham Hospital which is at the rear of the building. Parking in the hospital is pay and display and is limited. There is a frequent bus service in operation outside of the hospital.
  • More Information:

    Community Neuro Rehab Team leaflet

    The Stroke Association - for details of local support, telephone 0303 3033 100

    Different Strokes - a registered charity for younger stroke survivors. Contact telephone number: 0845 130 7172

    MS Society

    MND Association

    Parkinsons UK

    Headway or telephone 0808 800 2244

    The Phoenix Stroke Club is a club in Horsham, West Sussex, for people who have suffered a stroke or other neurological disorder. The club supports stroke survivors by providing a range of stimulating activities that aim to restore confidence and improve communication and mobility. They meet four times a week in a safe environment and stroke survivors can receive both physical and mental exercise while getting support from others in a similar situation.

    The Phoenix Club,
    c/o Forest Community School,
    Comptons Lane,
    Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5NT

    Tel: 01403 268130
    Website: https://www.phoenixstrokeclub.org.uk/
    Email: manager.phoenix@btinternet.com

    *For advice, information, help and concerns regarding Sussex Community NHS Trust please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service or email: sc-tr.serviceexperience@nhs.net or telephone 01293 600300 ext 3965.

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