What does this service provide?

Who we are

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of a clinical engineer, an occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, and rehabilitation engineer.

Multi-disciplinary team: A multidisciplinary team (MDT) is a group of health and care professionals from one or more organisations who come together to discuss how best to care for you.

What we do

We provide specialist knowledge and expertise in electronic assistive technology, to enable you to achieve your full potential.

Our one-day assessments do not include a detailed review of posture – we focus on one area of activity and how we can support your local team in their work with you.

We look at any equipment you are currently using to ensure it is working as well as it could and discuss any concerns you may have, as well as gaining an understanding of where this equipment is used and for how long. With your consent we will take photos of you for our medical records only.

If your referral is to examine the use of a communication aid, our speech and language therapist will discuss current communication methods and talk about possible aids, low and high tech, which may help with communication. We may try a communication aid or a communication book to see if this enables you to make choices.

Alternatively, we may look at how you access a computer and the types of activities you enjoy and whether this can be made easier using different software, switches, or a different access method.

You may have requested us to look at powered mobility to review any problems or to work with you on a learning programme for this activity.

We finish by reviewing everything we have talked about, including any changes in equipment and ways of trying new activities. We will also discuss with you what will go in the report and who it will be sent to.

We aim to provide you with the report within four to six weeks of attending the clinic. It will provide you with a record of the assessment and recommendations. Any equipment used will be listed with any contact information. We will also include any special information you have requested, for example, how to set up a home computer using alternative access methods.

If you have any questions, please contact our clinic secretary.

Appointment information

Appointment types

Your assessment will take place over one day at Chailey Clinical Services. The day's timetable is decided by when you want to take breaks and what activities are discussed. They can be held at Chailey Heritage Clinical Services or in your local centre, depending on your requirements.

Who you'll see at your appointment

Depending on your referral requirements, you will meet the following members of our team:

  • clinical engineer
  • occupational therapist
  • speech and language therapist
  • rehabilitation engineer

Members of your local team are also invited to attend some or all of the assessment. Your appointment letter will give more details about how to let us know who is going to attend.

What to bring to the clinic?

It is important that you bring any equipment related to your current method of accessing technology, including any seating, or possibly lying or standing equipment. This can include favourite toys, CDs, switches, joysticks, or other access systems you are currently using.

We will ask for copies of recent reports from your local team before the assessment.

How can I access this service?

We accept referrals from your GP or local therapists. Our service is available to children and young adults under the age of 19. For adults over the age of 19, funding will need to be agreed.

We accept referrals from any area but if your GP is located outside of Sussex we will require funding to be obtained before acceptance.

A new referral will be required if you need to attend our SCAMP assessment again.

How can I contact this service?

Contact details
Telephone: 01825 722 112
Where to find us
Address: Chailey Clinical Services, Beggers Wood Road, Chailey, BN8 4JN

You can find us using the what3words address snippet below on the what3words website:

Alternatively, use the Google map below to get directions and plan your journey:

Opening hours

Our one-day SCAMP assessments are held twice a month. We have one on Thursdays focusing on powered mobility or access issues, and one on Tuesdays for communication issues. Chailey Clinical Services is open 08:45-17:00.

More detailed information about the date, time and location of your appointment can be found on your appointment letter.

Let's get social

You can also get involved by engaging with our service's social media accounts by helping with the latest fundraisers and events.

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If you want to share a compliment, raise a concern or if you are just not sure who to speak to you can contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).