Before you start volunteering at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT), please can you read this volunteer agreement and confirm that you agree to follow them by signing the confirmation boxes at the end of this document. 

Part 1: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust:

You can expect that Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust will: 

Induction and training

Provide you with information on the work of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, its staff, your role as a volunteer and will also provide you with the training you need to meet the responsibilities of the role.   

Support and development

Provide a named person who will meet with you as required to discuss your Volunteering and any issues or problems. 

Do our best to help you develop within your volunteering role.                                            


Reimburse appropriate expenses as per the policy – details will be sent when you start (Please advise your Voluntary Services Team if you wish to claim). 

Health and safety

Provide adequate training and feedback in support of our Health and Safety Policy, including Infectious Diseases guidance before and during placement and how to keep safe.


Provide adequate insurance cover for volunteers whilst undertaking volunteering, approved and authorized by us. 

Equal opportunities

Ensure that all volunteers are dealt with in accordance with our Equality and Diversity policy. 


Try to resolve fairly, any problems or difficulties you may have while you volunteer with us. In the event of an unresolved problem, offer an opportunity to discuss the issues in accordance with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust Policies. 


Treat you with respect and try to ensure you feel valued in your volunteer role. 

Part 2:  Our volunteers:

We expect you to:

  • keep to your agreed volunteer role as described in your role description and perform your volunteering role to the best of your ability
  • adhere to the organization’s policies and procedures where appropriate including equality and diversity, health and safety, confidentiality, information governance, social media, infection prevention control and infectious diseases guidance as outlined in your training/volunteer handbook/other documentation in relation to staff, volunteers, and clients
  • complete mandatory training every year, as this is essential in enabling you to perform your volunteering role
  • inform us immediately of any change to your DBS status
  • maintain the confidential information of the organization and of its clients
  • meet agreed time commitments
  • act in a calm, professional and respectful manner, and act as a representative of the Trust and its values
  • contact your placement if you are unable to attend a session due to illness, holiday or for any other reason, giving reasonable notice where possible, so that other arrangements for cover can be made if needed and so that staff are not expecting you to attend
  • inform Voluntary Services if you decide to finish your placement, for whatever reason, giving reasonable notice, so that other volunteers can fill the role if required

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