Information for young adults with diabetes

Diabetes Care for You (DCFY) provides a community service for adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) or complex Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in Brighton and Hove and High Weald, Lewes and Havens in East Sussex.

If you are a young adult with diabetes, aged 18–25 years, your care will be provided by the dedicated specialist Young Adult team within DCFY. Our team consists of diabetes specialist doctors, nurses, dieticians, podiatrists and psychotherapists.

Please note that your care will remain under the local hospital's diabetes team if you use an insulin pump. If you are pregnant, you will be referred promptly for hospital-based care for the duration of the pregnancy.

At this time of your life there are likely to be many changes happening that may affect how you feel about and manage your diabetes. We aim to support and empower you to manage your diabetes well in the context of some of life's challenges.

A year of care will include:

  • a yearly diabetes review with the consultant, with further appointments as required
  • a minimum of two appointments with a diabetes specialist nurse, with further appointments as required
  • invitations to attend our Young Adult events (a few times a year at various, non-clinical locations)
  • access to a specialist dietician, podiatrist and psychotherapist, with further appointments as required

The 8 care processes:

Clinical reviews for diabetes and its complications include:

  • blood tests for HbA1c (your average glucose control); these are booked through your GP cholesterol level checks
  • kidney function tests (blood and urine)
  • weight and height measurements, to calculate body mass index (BMI)
  • annual blood pressure checks
  • annual foot examinations
  • eye screening, provided by National Diabetic Eye Screening (01273 696 955 ext. 4962)
  • smoking status check-in

We also provide/advise on:

  • lifestyle advice including drugs, alcohol, travel, exercise, diet and sick day rules
  • hypoglycaemia awareness
  • diabetes and driving
  • emotional and psychological support, including support with any sexual problems
  • if you are planning a pregnancy
  • diabetes education courses, and opportunities to meet other young people with T1DM
  • follow-up care if you're in hospital
  • free annual flu jab, through your GP
  • help to stop smoking, through your GP

What we expect from you

The minimum expectation we have is for you to attend two of the recommended appointments a year, with at least one of the appointments being a yearly review with the consultant.

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