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Board meetings held in public

On this page you can view the live stream of Board meetings held in public:

Please note that there can be a 1-2 minute delay when viewing the live stream

Click here to view the July 2022 Board papers. Click here to view annual self-assessments for the Audit, Quality Improvement and Resources Committees.

Previous Board meetings

Board Meeting Live Stream  Papers
28 July 2022 View View 
26 May 2022 View View + Digital Strategy 
31 March 2022 View View
27 January 2022 View View
25 November 2021 View View
30 September 2021 View View
29 July 2021 View View
27 May 2021  View View
25 March 2021 Recording 12 and 3 View
28 January 2021 View View
26 November 2020 View View
24 September 2020 Recording 1 and 2 View
30 July 2020 View View


Submit your question to the Board

If you have a question for the Board, please email Zoe Smith at zoe.smith21@nhs.net.

Or alternatively write to or call on 01273 696011 ext. 1530.

See future dates of Board meetings held in public.