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Urgent Community Response (Brighton and Hove)

Urgent Community Response is a multidisciplinary team providing a seven-day service between the hours of 8am and 8pm to those registered with a Brighton and Hove GP and who are over the age of 18.

Responsive Services provide:

  • An urgent community response to people in the community who are experiencing acute episodes of ill-health, with the aim of preventing admission
  • A supported discharge service to facilitate timely hospital discharges

This includes: 

  • Two-hour response for urgent needs to prevent hospitalisation
  • Multidisciplinary assessments for both admission avoidance and supported discharge
  • Experienced teams of skilled nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation assistants and reablement assistants who support people at home with a programme of rehabilitation, reablement personal care through a short crisis or to support in the initial days following discharge
  • Pathways for onward care – reablement and long-term adult social care provision alongside access to Brighton and Hove Age UK crisis team
  • Collaborative working with adult social care and a number of voluntary organisations to support with other areas of need. 

Support can also be provided for night-sitting when required for admission avoidance (where available and provided by IC24 [Integrated Care]). There are excellent links with both acute trusts and specialist community teams for advice and support from a wide range of professionals.

  • Service Location:
    • Brighton
    • Hove
  • How To Access:

    Access to the services for the public is through an assessment by a GP or healthcare professional and referral via the Referral Management Hub by: 

    • Telephone call to 01273 242117 option 1, option 2
    • Email sc-tr.rsreferralhub@nhs.net, or
    • Referrals can also be made via the Professional Support Line (PSL) on 0300 130 3045 

    The public cannot make direct referrals to Community Short-Term Services (Brighton and Hove) with the exception of 'blocked catheter' referrals outside the Bladder and Bowel Team's operating hours.

  • Contact Details:

    Emma Reeve
    Clinical Service Manager
    Brighton General Hospital (Dyke Building)
    Elm Grove
    BN2 3EW

    Tel: 01273 242117

    Email: emmareeve@nhs.net 

  • Opening Hours:

    Seven days a week from 8am to 8pm

  • How to find us:
    D1 Brighton General Hospital
    Elm Grove
    Brighton BN2 3EW

    Tel: 01273 242117
  • More Information:
  • Directorate:
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