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Specialist Infant Feeding Team (Brighton and Hove)

We are committed to achieving full UNICEF Baby Friendly Accreditation, recognised internationally as the gold standard for infant feeding care.

Learn more about the baby Friendly Initiative and the Baby friendly standards.

 The Specialist Infant Feeding Team provides mothers and families in Brighton and Hove with information and support to make informed feeding decisions. The team also provides support to enable women who choose to breastfeed to do so for as long as they wish. This helps to improve health outcomes.

In this information we refer to mothers, breastfeeding and breastmilk. We recognise that not everyone identifies in this way, and we encourage and embrace the use of the parent’s preferred language.

Our purpose - To improve feeding experiences and population health by providing specialist breastfeeding support to families, guidance to health professionals and by developing the HCP infant feeding community, including the peer support programme. 

We are a specialist team within Brighton and Hove Healthy Child Programme, working closely with, acting as a resource for, and providing training for, Health Visiting Teams (this includes health visitors, staff nurses and community nursery nurses). We also work closely with Children's Centre teams and midwives.

Our support includes:

  • We run MILK breastfeeding support sessions and 1-1 support for complex and persistent breastfeeding challenges, as well as support colleagues and provide education and training to Healthy child programme staff.
  • Milk breastfeeding support sessions offer support for breastfeeding parents, those who are providing breast milk, mixed feeding or formula feeding. Please feel free to attend these sessions in pregnancy if you would like more information about breastfeeding. If you wish to attend with your partner/ family member/friend who is supporting you to feed your baby, they are very welcome. Please click here to see the list of current groups
  • Individual appointments with Breastfeeding specialists, and lactation consultants, are available for those experiencing persistent or complex problems are available by contacting the team or referral from your HV or Milk breastfeeding support session.
  • Brighton Breastfeeding Initiative (BBI). This is a network of health professionals and voluntary groups/organisations who are working to support breastfeeding within the city.

The team includes Infant Feeding Lead – Charlotte Crisswell, Breastfeeding Specialist- Hanna Bangoura, Zoe Faulkner and Rebecca Melville. Breastfeeding Peer support Coordinators – Vanessa Andrews and Julia Redburn. Administrator – Joanna Fellingham