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Safeguarding Children (West Sussex)

Our Child Protection Service provides advice and support to all Sussex Community staff (West Sussex) on issues relating to the protection of children in West Sussex.
  • Service Location:
    West Sussex
  • How To Access:
    This service is only available to Sussex Community Trust (West Sussex) staff. If the public have child protection concerns please call Social Care's Central Access Point 01403 229000 or for out of hours contact, call West Sussex Social Care Team - 01903 694422 (evenings, weekends and bank holidays)

    Staff can access safeguarding children advice and support by calling the Safeguarding Children Advice Line Monday - Friday, 01273 696011 ext.6115.
  • Contact Details:
    For West Sussex Social Care call 01403 229000 or for out of hours contact call 01903 694422 (evenings, weekends and bank holidays)

    Safeguarding Children
    Sussex Community NHS Trust
    Unit 3, The Quadrant
    60 Marlborough Road
    Lancing Business Park,
    BN15 8UW

    Please ensure all post be sent via Brighton General Hospital.
  • Opening Hours:
    Safeguarding Children: Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm
    Social Care: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Out of hours call 01903 694422
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