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Primary Care Network Community Team (Haywards Heath Central and Villages)

We are a team who work with people with long term conditions and their carers to actively promote health and wellbeing in the community, and where possible prevent admission to unplanned care or hospital visits.

The team includes a social worker, community matron, prevention and assessment worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, community psychiatric nurse, coordinator and administrator.

We are not an urgent response service and do not respond to urgent referrals.

See further information about proactive care:

  • Service Location:
    Haywards Heath
  • How To Access:

    For all community nursing referrals and urgent referrals to be directed to the appropriate service please call One-Call on Tel: 01293 228311

    For Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT) referrals please email the team on sc-tr.hhpcncommunityteam@nhs.net

  • Contact Details:

    Emma Page, Team Lead

    Tel: 01444 475815

    Email: sc-tr.hhpcncommunityteam@nhs.net

  • Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • How to find us:

    We are based in Haywards Heath and cover the Central and Villages Primary Care Networks (PCN), consisting of:

    Central PCN

    Dolphins Surgery

    Newtons Surgery

    Villages PCN

    Ouse Valley Practice

    Cuckfield Medical Practice

    Lindfield Surgery

    Northlands Wood Surgery

  • More Information:
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