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Children and Young People’s Continence Team

The Children and Young People’s Continence Team (CYPCT) West Sussex and Brighton and Hove are a community-based, nurse-led, specialist paediatric continence service (Tier 2). The team is comprised of Registered Nurses and Associate Practitioners with specialist knowledge of children and young people’s continence; covering constipation, soiling, day wetting and night wetting (enuresis). Toilet skills for children and young people with additional needs in West Sussex are currently supported by this service, with the aim to make this available in Brighton and Hove in the future.

Healthy Bladder and Bowels (Tier 1)

Healthy bladder and bowels is the first level of continence intervention for children and young people. This can be delivered by various healthcare professionals including GPs, or provided by the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) - Health Visitors and School Nurses (0-19 Service). Early intervention information and advice to help promote healthy bladders and bowels reduces the risk of longer term problems such as ongoing constipation and wetting. Tier 1 interventions might include accessing and implementing:

  • Toileting advice
  • Fluid and diet advice
  • Advice for day wetting
  • Advice for night wetting
  • Advice on recognising and managing constipation
  • Signposting to online resources
  • Signposting for additional support interventions.

The child/young person should be reviewed at least once, to ensure that Tier 1 treatment and lifestyle changes have had time to be embedded, over the previous months. If the continence issues remain with no improvement made, a referral can then be made to the Children and Young People’s Continence Team (CYPCT).

Targeted Education Pathways (Tier 2)

The Children and Young People’s Continence Team (CYPCT) West Sussex and Brighton and Hove is the second level of intervention for Children and Young People with ongoing continence issues (bladder and bowel dysfunction) and is a specialist, clinic-based, nurse-led service.

We are skilled in the specialist assessment and management of children and young people with bladder and bowel issues and offer targeted education pathways, with a combination of both face-to-face and telephone appointments, that provide education about healthy bladder and bowels so that children and young people and their families become experts in managing their condition. We support children and young people and their families to implement the necessary interventions they need when working towards improving or achieving continence. We work closely with a wide variety of health, education and social care professionals.

At the initial appointment, a comprehensive bladder and bowel assessment will be undertaken by a healthcare professional. This will inform the creation of an individual care plan and treatment recommendations to meet their needs. This may include the recommendation of medication which could be prescribed by a Nurse Prescriber, Paediatrician or GP. If indicated for day time and night time wetting, an ultrasound bladder scan will be undertaken to establish if the bladder is emptying fully.

When further specialist intervention is required, this nurse-led service will refer to an appropriate hospital with children and young people’s doctors who specialise in bladder and bowel dysfunction.

  • Service Location:
    • Brighton
    • Hove
    • West Sussex
  • How To Access:

    We accept referrals from health care professionals for children and young people who have a registered GP in West Sussex or Brighton and Hove.

    The referral will need to detail what interventions and support have been implemented at Tier 1 and the outcome of these.

    Age criteria for children and young people:

    • 3 years and over: Constipation/Soiling
    • 4 years and over: Day wetting
    • 5 years and over: Night wetting
    • 3 years and over: with an identified physical or learning disability for assessment to identify potential for active toileting skills intervention (West Sussex only currently).

    Only after nurse specialist assessment and further review by our associate practitioners regarding toilet skills potential. If a clinical need is identified, a contribution towards product provision can be provided from the age of 4 years, with the requirement of an annual review.

    The Children and Young People’s Continence Team (CYPCT) works in partnership with the child and parent/carer. There is an expectation that the recommendations identified by the Nurse will be implemented within the home and school environment by the child/young person and parent/carer.

    Relevant pre-assessment bladder and bowel diaries will be sent to the family via our continence app to complete in preparation for the initial assessment. Parent/carer are required to complete these diaries/charts and return them to the CYPCT within four weeks from receipt. This is an important element of the continence pathway as parental engagement and ability to apply interventions advised are crucial to the success of continence work. A text reminder is routinely sent. Paper charts can be sent if requested.

    If the information is not returned within the allotted time frame the child/young person will be discharged from the service. If there are any safeguarding, child protection or other health concerns, this will be discussed with the referrer.

  • Contact Details:

    Children’s Continence Team
    Unit 3, The Quadrant,
    60 Marlborough Road,
    Lancing Business Park,
    BN15 8UW

    Phone: 01273 242145

    Service email: SC-TR.ChildrensContinence@nhs.net.

    Referral email: SC-TR.ChildrensContinenceReferrals@nhs.net.

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

    We are not an out of hours or emergency service.

  • How to find us:

    West area clinics:

    Chichester Child Development Centre,
    Westhampnett Centre,
    28-29 Westhampnett Road,
    PO19 7HH

    Free parking available, restricted places.

    Phone: 01273 242145.

    South area clinics:

    The Children's Centre
    Worthing Hospital,
    Lyndhurst Road,
    BN11 2DH

    Limited parking available, fees charged.

    Phone: 01273 242145.

    North area clinics:

    Hilltop Clinic Child Development Centre
    Horsham Hospital,
    Hurst Road,
    RH12 2DR

    Limited parking available, fees charged.

    Phone: 01273 242145.

    Mid Sussex area clinics:

    Burgess Hill Clinic
    The Brow,
    Burgess Hill,
    RH15 9BW

    Free parking available, restricted spaces.

    Phone: 01273 242145.

    Brighton and Hove area clinics:

    The Children and Families clinic
    D Block, Brighton General Hospital,
    Elm Grove,
    BN2 3EW

    Limited parking available, fees charged.

    Phone: 01273 242145.

  • More Information:

    Useful information and resources for the management of child and young peoples' continence:

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