This information can be shared with your child to explain the use of inhalation sedation.

Why am I having the happy air?

Happy air (inhalation sedation) is useful to help people feel relaxed. Sometimes people feel worried about having their teeth mended. The happy air helps take the worries away. 

I will stay awake the whole time and will feel calm. 

Before I go

I need to eat breakfast as normal. If it is almost lunchtime, I can have an early lunch. I can still drink lots of water in the morning. 

While I am there

The dental nurses show me the soft nosepiece that will sit on my nose and let me breathe the happy air. 

I can ask questions about the happy air or having my tooth fixed. 

The happy air feels warm and fuzzy. Sometimes it feels like I am floating, and sometimes it makes my hands and toes feel tingly. It is very easy breathing through the funny nose. 

The grown-up who brings me can stay in the room with me and I can listen to my own music. I can bring a small cuddly toy to hold. 

When I am finished

When my tooth is fixed, I need to lie still for a few more minutes while the happy air fades away. I will be feeling back to normal soon and any dizzy feeling will disappear. 

I get to choose a sticker for doing well. 

Usually, it is nice to have the rest of the day off school. At home, I get to relax and not run around or go swimming. 

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