Care of your dentures

We hope you are pleased with your dentures. They may feel strange at first and will take a little getting used to, but with time they should feel comfortable. Your speech may alter a little at first but will return to normal with practice. 


Rinse your denture after eating and when possible also remove debris by brushing with a brush, liquid soap (proprietary brands of denture paste or non-abrasive toothpaste may be used), and cold water. Make sure you brush the underside of the dentures as well as the side with the teeth. 

Tip: Clean your dentures over a bowl of water to prevent breakage should a denture drop.  

If your denture has metal parts, e.g. clips (clasps) around any of your remaining teeth your dentist will advise on the most appropriate cleaning method. Proprietary denture cleaning tablets/liquids may be used in addition to brushing, however their use will vary depending on the type of denture you have. Please ask your dentist for more details 


Dentures should be removed for sleeping to give your mouth a rest. Keep your dentures in a small pot overnight. Your dentist will advise on whether this is in water or dry. 


If you have any persistent sore places in your mouth, please contact the clinic to arrange an appointment as the dentures may need a small adjustment. If possible, please wear them the day before your appointment to help us locate the problem accurately. 

If you have any other problems with your new dentures, then please contact the clinic to make an appointment. 


You need to be seen as advised by the dentist just to check your mouth is healthy and that all is well with your dentures. 

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