After the tooth is removed, the cavity left behind is filled with blood, which clots and heals over. Do not disturb the blood clot, as there is nothing better you can put in its place. Do not rinse it out, or poke it out with the tongue, finger or handkerchief. 

The following steps will help prevent bleeding and relieve soreness: 


No rinsing today, but start tomorrow with salt water (1 teaspoon of salt to a mug of warm water). Continue with this for the next couple of days, rinsing 2 or three times a day with warm salt water. This speeds up healing. 


If you have any pain, take regular pain-killer tablets (except aspirin). There should be nothing more than a dull ache present when the injection wears off and this should improve over the next few days. If severe pain worries you or the pain is increasing do not hesitate to contact the dentist. 


When you leave the surgery you will have stopped bleeding. If you disturb the wound it may start bleeding again. If this happens do not be alarmed, but take a clean handkerchief / tea towel, roll it up in a ball, place it over the wound and bite on it hard for 20 minutes by the clock (repeat as necessary). Whatever you do, do not rinse the mouth with water, as this will dislodge the clot. If it still bleeds afterwards, contact the dentist. 


Rest for the day following treatment and avoid strenuous exercise. If in doubt ask the dentist for advice. 


Avoid hot fluids, alcohol, hard or chewy foods today. Choose cool drinks and soft or minced foods. Avoid food with small pieces such as rice. Avoid sucking at or interfering with the wound. 


Do not smoke for at least 24 hours as smoking can delay healing and is likely to cause the wound to become infected. 

If excessive bleeding, undue pain or other symptoms occur, contact your Dental Surgeon for advice without delay. 

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