Why do I need this appliance? 

When the appliance is worn over the lower teeth it prevents your teeth meeting together and therefore helps stop you grinding your teeth when asleep. This reduces jaw clenching and thus helps relieve the pain you have been experiencing in your jaw joints and in your facial muscles. The device can also prevent cracking or fracturing of teeth as a result of tooth clenching and grinding. 

So when do I use it? 

The appliance is worn when you go to bed at night. When you are asleep is usually when jaw clenching or grinding is experienced. 

Is it easy to use? 

The appliance will feel a little strange in your mouth at first. It may take several nights to get used to wearing it. You may find for the first few times that you wake up without the appliance in your mouth because you have removed it whilst asleep. Persevere in wearing the appliance and you will find that wearing it gets easier and feels more natural. 

Is there any risk of choking on the appliance? 

No; the lightweight plastic appliance has been made from a special mould of your teeth and should fit snugly over the bottom teeth once clipped into position. 

What do I do with it when I'm not wearing it? 

Keep the appliance in a safe place, ideally in a protective box. Do not leave it where it can be reached by the family pet – dogs will easily chew and damage it and even swallow it! Do not wrap and leave in a paper tissue or it may be mistakenly thrown away. 

Clean your appliance by using a soft toothbrush to gently clean the plastic, taking care not to scratch the surface. 

What about my teeth? 

Clean your teeth as usual using fluoride toothpaste twice daily, morning and night for two minutes. 

How long do I need to use the appliance for? 

Use the appliance every night for at least 6 weeks. By then you should have found some relief from your jaw clenching discomfort. 

Do I need another appointment with the dentist? 

Yes, the dentist will see you about 2–3 months after you start using the appliance and will assess whether it is helping to relieve your symptoms. 

What if I have a problem wearing the appliance? 

If the appliance does not feel as if it is fitting properly or starts to rub your gums then you need to contact the dental surgery for an earlier appointment. The appliance may need a small adjustment to make it more comfortable. This can be undertaken when you attend the practice so make sure you remember to bring the appliance with you. 

What if the appliance is broken? 

Sometimes after several months of constant wear, especially if you are a heavy teeth grinder, your appliance may become worn or may develop a split. You will need to make another appointment at the clinic and if necessary, a new appliance can be made.

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