Blowing our noses comes naturally to us but it is something a child must learn to do.

Blowing out through our nose is something we can help the child develop. While the learning curve varies for each child, there are a few methods you can use to help your child develop the concept of blowing out through their nose.

Blowing our noses can help

Nose blowing equalises the pressure and can help relieve the symptoms of congestion in the middle ear.

The act of blowing helps to open up the Eustachian tube.

With a little effort and patience, your child will understand the concept of blowing their nose.

Establish the concept of nose blowing

Your child probably blows with their mouth all the time without realising what blowing is.

Help by encouraging them to blow out through their nose:

  • make it fun!
  • blow the fluffy dandelion seeds and make them disperse using their nose
  • join in! Take it in turns making a feather move by blowing out through one nostril at a time
  • demonstrate! Take time to blow your noses together. Explain what you are doing and why. Help them to practice blowing into a tissue using their nose
  • lightly covering their mouth with your finger can help
  • encourage them! Use a reward chart for successfully blowing out through their nose
  • persist! It may take time so invent new ways together to reinforce the concept of blowing
  • balloons! There is a product available which can be bought at your pharmacy. This is a small balloon which your child blows up using their nose

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