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Hear from some of our colleagues to find out what working at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust has been like for them.

Learn about our nursing career progression

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I love working for Sussex Community Trust because they're so supportive.

I love the community aspect of it.

I get to provide a great service for my patients

What I love about where I work is that there is a range of experience within the nurses that we work within.

When i come to our patients says thank you or thank you from the management team it is motivating me to come to work every day.

It's the ideal place to start a career.

The career development for community nursing are amazing.

There's so many opportunities, so many avenues, many things that you can do.

I'm happy to develop my career as a student lead when the new students or the new staff coming from other hospital or internationalists if I can support them.

I had a lot of options in terms of where i wanted to take my career.

The Trust is really friendly and staffs are very supportive especially for the professional development, I'm so happy to work here.

You get lots of in-house training.

For me that's always been an added bonus that you work for an organisation that supports your career progression and supports your education as well.

I just think how amazing it's been from when I became a student nurse to becoming a matron to becoming a head of nursing I've just had so many different opportunities as a nurse to do different roles.

I was promoted to become a community respiratory specialist nurse so I get to learn a lot of specialist knowledge about respiratory patients so I think that as was a highlight of my career.

It was the opportunity given by SCFT to attend the Florence Nightingale course, it was a leadership development course and it really made me understand the values of SCFT leadership is not purely hierarchical we can all be leaders wherever we are.

Since being here I've completed my level three health and social care diploma which was supported through the Trust and they supported me in finally getting my maths GCSE and they've completely supported me through doing my nursing.

I joined the Trust already at quite an experience level I've developed in areas more around supporting other people developing services.

I can teach and assess level 7 students so they will be our health visiting and school nursing students coming through that's given me a range of skills which I then have taken on my role as team lead.

They have funded my BSC Honours degree in professional practice and they have funded my MSC at Cardiff university.

Support, people are really supportive and do listen.

I am not alone, I'm never alone there's always lots of people I can go and ask questions with and there's no any single question is a silly question.

The nurses here are always there to lend a hand and give you any knowledge that they can give you.

There's also a good network of people that can help support you to sort of work through what it is that you need on a personal level and i think that's really important.

I do get the support from everyone by any trouble at all I can get into the my manager and the maintenance as well.

It's a really, really friendly supportive trust where we encourage people to be the best they can be and I love working in that kind of environment.

They're such an incredibly supportive Trust.

They really have a positive attitude to help you succeed.

We're like a family, we'll look after them, involve them and treat them with the respect that they deserve and it's a great place to work.

Working for the medicines management team is rewarding and exciting, a friendly team and a changing environment means you’re always learning something new.

Clinical Pharmacist, Intermediate Care Units and Dispensary

I've been working for the Trust since 2015 in a variety of roles and with different teams including the Urgent Community Response, Intermediate Care, Falls and Fracture Prevention, Research and now with Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH) team.

The roles are patient-facing; providing an opportunity to really make a difference by reducing harm from medicines with an evidence-based approach whilst putting the patient at the centre of every decision. There has also been opportunity to develop as a professional too. Early on, the Trust supported me to become an independent prescriber. Whilst many times I've been the only pharmacist within a team, I've always had the wealth of experience and support of the wider medicine management team to call on at any time.

Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Digital

I especially enjoy how varied the role can be. Not just working in different units but every patient is different and has a different story to tell.

Principal Clinical Pharmacist, Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes Brighton and Hove

Since I joined Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust from the community pharmacy, it has given me many different opportunities to experience clinical pharmacy, ranging from the hospital dispensary to care homes in Primary care. In Medicines Optimisation for Care Homes Service (MOCH), I've learned a lot of new clinical skills.

The personable nature of every team member has made it a welcoming place to work. I also value the time invested in my own development, including the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education training (CPPE), the non-medical prescribing course, and the regular frailty clinical sessions. This has enhanced my clinical knowledge particularly in polypharmacy in frailty. The Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust experience has been, and is, great and exciting.

Specialist Computer and Procurement Pharmacy Technician

I thoroughly enjoy working at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. I made the move from an acute hospital to a Community Trust after 18 years of front-line speciality and hospital medicine. This is a new working environment, but it is free from the constant pressures to admit more patients, cover sickness/on-calls in the hospital and offers real opportunities to develop myself as a clinician and ensures a true work-life balance. We work as a friendly, well-gelled bunch of doctors and look after each other. I would definitely recommend it.

Consultant, specialist services

Hear from our Allied Health Professionals

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This is one Trust that has made me feel that my difference is something to celebrate and embrace.

It's such a diverse and rich profession there is opportunities to go beyond and just support that personal and professional aspirations that is why I would say come to SCFT if you want to be to grow and and feel happy.

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When I qualified with my sports science degree and thought I'm going to experience it see what it's like and sort of went straight into it and I've loved it every minute of it,

I think it's just such an exciting profession that's growing as well.

I've absolutely loved working for the Trust, they've always supported that to allow me to not just grow as a AHP but also grow as a person and it's absolutely amazing.

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