Become a member

How to join us as a member

Please complete the form as fully as you can. Membership is free and anyone aged 12 years or over, who lives in West Sussex, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey, as well as anyone who uses our services, can become a member.

If you are aged between 12 and 15 years your parent or guardian will need to sign your form as well. Those under 12 years are not eligible to join.

All staff who are employed by the trust under a permanent contract or a fixed term contract of 12 months or more will automatically become a member of our staff constituency and do not need to complete the online membership form. If in doubt, contact us or ask your line manager.

Have a direct say

As an NHS FT we are accountable to our local communities through our members. Members are at the heart of NHS foundation trusts. As members and governors, local people, patients, staff and local partners will have a direct say in how we develop our services to meet the evolving needs of the community.

As a member of the NHS foundation trust you can help us raise awareness of the value and range of what we do, make sure we continue to provide effective and relevant services, and provide feedback to help us continually improve.

Members choose their level of involvement and can:

  • Elect representatives to serve on the council of governors
  • Stand for election as a governor
  • Attend members’ events
  • Work with us on patient and public involvement initiatives and submit opinions on any proposed changes to services.

What members do?

Members will be provided a regular newsletter and an opportunity to be involved with the development and delivery of services.

We are committed to involving members in a meaningful way and members will be invited, in accordance with their choice of involvement level, to engage with us by:

  • Attending Annual Members Meetings/open days, events
  • Communicating with governors
  • Participating in surveys, focus groups, interest groups
  • Communicating with the Membership Office
  • Completing member satisfaction surveys

As a member, it’s up to you to decide how involved you want to be. You can choose to only receive information about the Trust, complete online surveys, take part on focus groups and consultations about subjects that interest you, attend meetings, or stand for election as a governor. See our section on Council of Governors for more information.

If you're thinking of becoming a member and want to understand more about how we use personal data, then you can download more information here.

Any questions, visit our FAQ page or contact us at, or by phone on 01273 696011 ext. 3115.