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What is governance and how do we deliver it?

Corporate governance is the means by which boards lead and direct their organisations so that decision-making is effective, risk is managed and the right outcomes are delivered. In the NHS, this means delivering high quality services in a caring and compassionate environment.

We will  collaborate with integrated care systems to integrate care and comply with the triple aim duty:

  • better health and wellbeing for everyone
  • better quality of health services for all individuals
  • sustainable use of NHS resources

For Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, good governance is about creating a framework within which we:

  • provide our patients with good quality healthcare services
  • are transparent in the ways we are responsible and accountable for our work
  • ensure we continually improve the ways we work

The governance framework

The governance framework is the structures, systems, processes and behaviours which support good governance.

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust's governance framework includes:

  • a constitution which sets out the principles and rules by which the Trust is governed
  • a statutory board which meets regularly in public, supported by a number of Board sub-committees
  • a council of governors elected from and by the Trust's membership
  • standing orders, standing financial instructions, reservation of certain powers to the Board and a Scheme of Delegation according to which other powers are delegated
  • quality governance structures and processes at and below board level to lead on trust-wide quality performance
  • behavioural standards for staff and managers, including codes of conduct and accountability
  • policies and procedural guidance for staff
  • risk register and board assurance framework
  • internal audit
  • external scrutiny from the integrated care board and NHS England, the Care Quality Commission and statutory auditors

Page last reviewed: 04 July 2024