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I am very pleased to be elected to the position of Public Governor for Brighton and Hove.

“Brighton has become my home, since moving from Ireland many years ago. I love the rich diversity of the people, many of whom have also made it their home after receiving a warm welcome from local people. We are rich in culture thanks to the universities, and the many artists who visit.

The NHS provides a wonderful and friendly service, and it has played an important part in helping me to address a number of health issues. I am very grateful and feel honoured to be given an opportunity to work with people who deliver such essential services in the area.

I have a background in governance and stakeholder engagement, and firmly believe l that I can bring something of value to the team going forward. I look forward to meeting everyone involved, past and present, and anyone in the wider community who may have constructive suggestions with regards for services, improvements and the future of the NHS.

Victor Mac Fadden
Victor Mac Fadden
Victor Mac Fadden

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