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I am a practice development nurse (PDN) with 20 years' work experience in both acute and community settings.

As a PDN, I understand the need to not just help staff develop and grow their careers but also encourage good work ethics that promotes the health and wellbeing of staff at all levels across the Trust. I therefore understand the need for collaboration and representation, and the right kind of representation that connects staff across all our diverse services.

As a staff governor, I hope to work in line with Trust values to ensure that staff have a positive work experience, by giving frontline workers a voice in future decisions made about health care delivery Trust-wide, because staff play a key role in defining the success of our Trust and are best placed to advocate for our service users.

This is necessary for ensuring equitable health services, staff development and excellent patient care are achieved. It is an honour to serve as a voice that speaks for innovative and inclusive change by all and for all, with the sole aim of achieving a positive staff work experience, and ultimately excellent patient care.

Shingai Ngwenya
Shingai Ngwenya
Shingai Ngwenya

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