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Born and bred in Brighton, I met my second wife in Hurstpierpoint, and I have lived there for the last 15 years. We have four children and one grandson.

I've had a long, successful career at a senior level with HSBC both in the UK and abroad, which has enabled me to develop a very 'outward' national-international focus.

Reflecting on key life events, such as the birth of my grandson, has pushed a re-focus on how I can contribute at a local level. Covid of course showed how much we love and care for the NHS.

Currently I work as a full-time programme manager at HSBC (two days a week in London and three days working from home). I've recently completed an MBA and now have time for other activities.

Elected as the Public Governor for Mid Sussex, there will be numerous challenges and opportunities at the Trust, and in the community. I can add value analysing and presenting detail, review executive summary level information whilst providing supportive challenge and seeking assurance from the Board of Directors.

Jurgen Gainz
Jurgen Gainz
Jurgen Gainz

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