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I have worked at the Trust as a consultant community paediatrician within the child development team at Seaside View for almost five years.

I very much enjoy working at the Trust and believe that its four core values: compassionate care, working together, achieving ambitions and delivering excellence truly are at the heart of what our teams do, never more so than during the pandemic.

I have served a term as a school governor so understand some of the responsibilities a governorship entails. Being elected governor of the Trust is a great privilege. I see it as an exciting opportunity to learn and understand more about the range of services the Trust provides, to understand and promote the views and needs of dentists and doctors within the Trust and to foster closer links between different services within the Trust.

I believe the Trust is outward-looking and forward-thinking. Our engagement with the local community is very important. I think part of our role as a governor is to hold the Trust to account and understand and give voice to the views and needs of patients and the wider community.

Harriet Clompus
Harriet Clompus
Harriet Clompus

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