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Meeting details

Chair Date Time Venue/format
Giles YorkWednesday 13 March 20242:00pm to 4:15pmWorthing Leisure Centre/Microsoft Teams


Item number Item Enc. Time Presenter
1Welcome, apologies and declarations of interest. To note.N/A2:00pmChair
2Minutes and action log of the previous meeting on 6 December 2023. To approve.22:05pmChair
3Lead and Deputy Lead Governor update. To note.N/A2:10pmAlan Sutton and Grainne Saunders
4Governor feedback. To note.N/A2:20pmGovernors
5Performance update: finance, quality and workforce - month 9 (December 2023) and latest operational update. For assurance.52:25pmNEDs and Executive Directors
6Development of corporate objectives 2024-25. To note.63:00pmMike Jennings
7Staff survey results 2023. To note.73:20pmCaroline Haynes and Mandy Chapman
8Approved minutes form CoG sub-groups: Governor steering group on Tuesday 24 October 2023 and staff governor group on Wednesday 22 November 2023. To note.8. 8.1. 8.2.3:50pmChair
9Future arrangements for quarterly group Council of Governors meetings. To approve.93:50pmChair
10Membership Engagement Strategy 2023-26 - update on delivering the year one plan. To note.103:55pmPaul Somerville and Governors
11Council of Governors nominations and elections report. To note.N/A4:05pmPaul Somerville
12Any questions from the public. To note.N/A4:10pmChair and Zoe Smith
13Any other businessN/A4:15pmChair

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