September Volunteer

Holly – Speech & Language Therapy Volunteer since October 2017

“I have always been passionate about our NHS and I admire the dedication of NHS staff and wanted to become part of their team and help give something back.

I was born prematurely with Cerebral palsy and feel if it hadn’t been for the NHS I wouldn’t be here today.

Before I began volunteering in general, I was looking for work and felt hopeless that nothing was arising, felt I had lost my confidence and self-esteem. After I finally found a job, I then decided to apply to volunteer at Crawley Hospital I was given the opportunity with adjustments made easily for my condition to be able to volunteer.

I now volunteer for 2 hours a week with the amazing team in SALT and feel greatly valued and appreciated I feel the time that I give supports the nurses by freeing up some of their crucial time to be able to spend with the patients.

My role involves creating therapy materials, general organisation and helping in any way needed I can see that I am making a real difference and it feels good to be part of a team.”