Pets As Therapy


Anna Miles and her PAT (Pets As Therapy) Dog, Florence, a Newfoundland, work on Don Baines and Leslie Smith wards at Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital.  PAT dogs are taken onto the wards to allow patients to stroke and touch them.

Anna says ‘Florence and I love visiting Bognor Hospital every Monday, in fact, I can only say she lives for it!

The patients, even those very ill, respond so well to a large black furry thing and I hear many tales of dogs they either currently own, or have had in the past. We went on Boxing Day and some patients who had no visitors were delighted to see her. One lady who came from the West Country and was in Bognor Hospital for about 4 weeks told me we had 'Made her stay into something so memorable'!

Many of the people, visitors and patients, have said how much we give, but quite truthfully Florence and I gain far more. We always come home happy and I find it fascinating to talk to so many different people. I really appreciate the chance to be able to do this and am proud that we are able to do so!”