Meet and Greet Volunteer


Kevin Yeo has been an invaluable part of the Meet and Greet Volunteer Team on the reception desk at Crawley Hospital for over 20 years.

Kevin says “I have a regular shift on a Tuesday morning so I am able to ensure continuity for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors to the hospital. I am proactive in greeting every visitor with a positive Good Morning, and asking how I can help. My experiences over the years have proven this to be extremely successful in calming any anxiety that the patients may have.

On the odd occasions this doesn’t work I’m always prepared to go the extra mile and take the patient to the area that they are visiting. What is so rewarding to me is that when the patient comes back to the reception after their appointment and says thank you.

I have a good working relationship with my Voluntary Services Manager. When it comes to any training needs regarding new Meet and Greet Volunteers, she knows that she can rely on my support to assist with any training and pass on my years of knowledge to them so that they can be confident volunteers in the role that they do.

I always leave the hospital with a good feeling knowing that the volunteering I am doing has made a difference to the patient’s overall experience and has assisted in delivering excellence with compassionate care”