charles macmillan

Charles - Macmillan Volunteer Driver

My story so far as a Macmillan volunteer driver, is one of a win, win situation.

I have found out how difficult it is for Macmillan patients to get to hospitals, with huge parking problems, then they have their treatment, and after that find their way home, and so very many are on their own to go to an empty house.

If I hadn’t volunteered I would simply not have experienced these facts or how very rewarding it would be to me personally.

There are also the wonderful characters and one of many who I would spend a lot of wonderful time with, became a bit like “driving miss daisy".

So imagine the situation when I asked her how she met her now deceased husband, who she told me about so fondly, her reply was to tell me that during the second world war, her school and best friend were navy girls at Southwick House, this I knew was where D Day was planned, she went on to say they were invited to a dance in Portsmouth, so after getting themselves ready, and with no transportation they hitched a lift with two Tanks and she ended up marrying the man at the Top of the Tank, before I could ask, I was informed her best friend married the chap at the top of the other tank, and their husbands both went on to retrain after the war and became barristers.

How special is that, something I will never forget, and never tire of telling to others, with a proud wry smile.

I also like to say that being a driver is a very important part of listening and reporting back, we often pick up points that are not possible by others.

Thank you Macmillan, I am so proud to be part of the wonderful service you provide.