Sue Samuel Admin Volunteer

Macmillan Admin Volunteer

I'm Sue Samuel, and I find working as an Admin Volunteer very rewarding and I really enjoy the contact with the families, most of whom are finding life quite difficult in many ways.

I started volunteering for Macmillan seventeen years ago when it was based at the King Edward VII hospital just outside Midhurst.The Hospital closed down some years later but Macmillan was fortunate enough to relocate to premises behind the Cottage Hospital in Midhurst.

There are five of us who work as Admin Volunteers, each doing one afternoon a week, at the Macmillan Unit, from 1-4:30pm. Our job is to arrange transport and home visits for patients who require our help. The transport are mainly driving patients to hospital appointments around the area, (we also have many dedicated Transport Volunteers and Home Visitors). There are many patients who require home visits, those who are isolated and lonely, or their spouses need a little respite. Some need shopping done for them and some just need an outing. We usually do this once a week.

We spend a lot of time on the telephone making the necessary arrangements. It is important, especially with home visits, to find the appropriate volunteer for the patient. Once this is done we then telephone the patient to tell them who is coming and what time. Some patients we get to know very well and form quite a bond with them which is nice. They are always extremely grateful.

Every transport and home visit we arrange is written down and recorded for future reference so each Admin Volunteer can pick up where the other left off. The system works very well.

I do consider myself very lucky to be part of the Admin team.