Breast Feeding Peer Supporters -
Janet and Elaine

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Janet: I didn't think that when my three children had grown up l would be so involved with breast feeding again! I remember when I was a brand new mum and struggling with breast feeding, what a help and relief to have some friendly, sensible advice.

A mutual friend of Elaine and I volunteered me into the training programme to become a fully-fledged breast feeding peer support volunteer. I have been volunteering since 2012.

Elaine: When I was planning my retirement from nursing, I knew that I wanted to do some form of voluntary work. A friend, who was working as a Health Visitor, suggested that I might like to be a Breast Feeding Support Volunteer. She put me in touch with Dawn Kielty, the Co-coordinator and after chatting with her I felt that this was something I could and would enjoy. I had successfully breast fed my own 4 children and appreciated the support that I had received. After completing the 10 week course I asked to volunteer on the post-natal ward. I was paired up with Janet and have now been going with her since 2014.

We feel it is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to support new mums right at the start of their breast feeding journey. We go into the hospital once a week for the morning and try to see every mum (and Dad) on the ward, giving support and practical help with up-to-date research backed information.

We are affectionately known as the “Pink Ladies".

We would like to thank Janet and Elaine for their continued commitment to, and enthusiasm for, the Breast Feeding Peer Support Programme. Many new parents have gained invaluable support from them to breast feed for as long as they want to.
Dawn Kielty & Zoe Faulkner
Breast Feeding Peer Support Co-ordinators