a mociran volunteer

Alexandra - Speech and Language Therapy Admin Volunteer

My main motivation is my passion for people.

I’m a second year Psychology student and, since the summer, an NHS volunteer in the Adult Speech and Language Therapy Department at the Brighton General Hospital.

I set my heart on volunteering for the NHS after moving to England and discovering the importance that it plays in people’s lives. I wanted to be part of a community driven by compassion, care, communication, courage, commitment and competence, qualities that the NHS prides itself with. I am drawn to the idea of producing a significant and positive change by improving people’s wellbeing through applying the principles that the NHS is founded on.

Despite wanting a more patient facing role going forward, I’ve found that my administrative volunteering position is an enjoyable and interesting experience. It allows me to challenge my organisational abilities, my communication skills, my competence and my focus. I direct them all towards helping the Speech and Language Therapy team with data input, file organisation, categorisation and some small tasks such as photocopying.

I really enjoy working in a team of friendly and dedicated people who put passion into their work. Also, since I am studying Psychology, it is a very useful and practical insight into the language therapy field which engages my interest.