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Staff Achievement Awards 2015

Our annual staff achievement awards took place on Tuesday, 1 December.

Over 130 members of staff and partners attended.

We recognised staff with long service in the NHS including 40, 30 and 20 years.

View our programme with details of all our shortlisted nominees and staff recognised with long service.

And our 2015 winners are:

Behind the Scenes Award

Abdi Ahmed, Porter

Abdi is a general facilities porter, he projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our patients and the portering team. He resolves conflicts and handles other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact.

He goes out of his way to put patients at ease by talking to them while en route to their appointments which can be worrying and anxious times for them. Cheerful, hard-working, flexible and motivating - this is how the Crawley portering team see Abdi. He always manages to lift the spirits of those around him.

Research and Innovation Award

Carers Health Team

The Carers Health Team is a relatively new service – it’s the first of its kind in the UK – and is highly valued and greatly appreciated. In their recent review, Clare Toon, and Kathryn Howard from West Sussex County Council highlighted how successful this innovative service has been and estimate it is saving the NHS and the council more than £2 million a year. Evidence demonstrates that the service is promoting carer health and well-being, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting more patients to be successfully cared for at home.

With nearly 85,000 carers in West Sussex the review highlights the importance of this service and the need for future expansion to meet the high level of demand (the team is assessing and supporting almost double the number of carers it was originally set up to help). The feedback from service users and county wide referring agencies has been excellent.

Outstanding Commitment Award

Daniel Pressley, Psychological Therapist

Daniel is a dedicated member of the service and has been a great ambassador for Time to Talk. His work with clients is of a very high standard and he allows new staff, trainees and staff members lacking in confidence, to observe his work with patients.

For the last two years he has provided six CPD workshops to all Time to Talk staff. This training has been greatly appreciated and highly valued by attendees of all levels (as evidenced by considerable positive feedback). He has been able to provide this training, by personally funding his own CPD and then delivering his learning and experience to staff.

Volunteer Award

Jane Lawes, Macmillan Midhurst Service

Jane has been a volunteer with the Macmillan Midhurst Service for 28 years. She started out assisting patients and their families by helping on the ward including on Christmas Day when everybody wants to be at home with family and friends. Jane was also involved in helping patients with transport to hospital appointments.

She trained as a bereavement volunteer and works with relatives and friends of patients who have died in our care to support them in their grief. Jane is a reliable, popular team member who is always willing to put herself out. She volunteers at our Remembrance Services and our Tree of Hope Service and regularly attends our monthly volunteer’s supervision group. She has been a huge support to our patients as well as our organisation, and is a valued, trustworthy and reliable volunteer.

Quality Award

Rosie Brenton, Senior Psychological Therapist

Rosie is a senior psychological therapist with Time to Talk. In January of this year, it was decided that two localities (West and South) would merge and become Coastal West Sussex Time to Talk and new KPIs were also introduced. Rosie fully supported the changes and took the lead on implementing new ways of working and delivering this training to staff and the new KPI of 75% of patients receiving treatment within 6 weeks was met.

The change was very difficult and stressful for staff but she has listened and supported them with their struggles to adapt. The new system is now being brought into the other areas of Time to Talk and Rosie will be advising and guiding this process. Although Rosie has been a senior therapist for many years, this is the first time she has been given such a huge project and lead on it. This process has shown her leadership qualities, attention to detail, commitment to patients and high delivery of care.

Excellence in Customer Service Award (Individual)

Jane Musiol, Community Matron


One example which shows Jane’s commitment is her care of a 94 year old man and his wife, who had undiagnosed dementia and long term health conditions, refused to attend appointments or receive support at home. Jane visited regularly, becoming a familiar face. Gradually carers were accepted into the house and after a while her patient also agreed to see the older people’s mental health team (OPMH) at which point an official diagnosis of dementia was made. All the while Jane provided support to the carer and began to address his physical health.

Jane continued to support the couple and on a recent visit found a dramatic change in her patient’s behaviour and a distressed husband. She immediately contacted the OPMH and following a mental health assessment it was decided to section her patient. During this time Jane did not leave her patient or husband alone, sitting quietly with them during the assessment, holding her patient’s hand for the journey to the hospital and settling her in. She made sure the husband was reassured and settled him too. She visited him the following day and over the following weeks continued to coordinate care for both of them.

Excellence in Customer Service Award (Team)

Diane Early, Erica Mills and Sue Rylands, Podiatry Receptionists, Littlehampton Health Centre

Diane, Erica and Sue regularly do ‘over and above’ their job in order to provide a caring, thoughtful and personal service to the elderly podiatry patients. They send out appointments at the appropriate time to those no longer able to remember to book their own appointments, so ensuring their podiatry care does not lapse and they arrange voluntary transport for those who are unable to make their own arrangements.

This may not sound much but there are thousands of patients who attend podiatry and the volume of telephone calls and enquiries that are made each day make this is a truly outstanding feat.  Furthermore, their cheerfulness when greeting patients is often a highlight for many of our elderly and often lonely patients.  Bravo ladies!  Such a lovely team should not go unrecognised.

Chair’s award

This is awarded at the chair’s discretion to the person or team who has made a special, individual contribution that goes over and above their normal role.

To be honest, any of our shortlisted nominees would be a deserving recipient of this award, which our chair, Sue Sjuve, discussed with at some length with fellow judges but one outstanding candidate emerged.

This is someone described as fearless, funny, bossy with a small “b”, a role model and a “beautiful open soul”. Never content to stay in her office, always preferring to be visible. Instrumental in leading a series of huge changes where she worked while remaining available to patients and their families. She is what every nurse wants to be and every patient deserves to have. The person you want to be when you grow up.

This year, the chair’s award goes to:

Kate Conlon, Matron, Crawley Hospital

Long Service

Here are some of our staff recognised with 30 & 20 years service within the NHS.

Care Certificates

View our programme with details of all our shortlisted nominees and staff recognised with long service.

Read our press release for summary of the day and comments from our Chair Sue Sjuve.

We would like to congratulate all our 2015 winners, nominees and staff with long service in the NHS.