Fiona, Trainee Clinical Scientist

I am currently training to be a Clinical Engineer within the Scientist Training Program.

I became interested in the training scheme while I was studying engineering as I wanted to be in a field of work that directly impacts the lives of others and is led by continually expanding research.

To me, as a trainee and a fresh set of eyes in the NHS, it feels like a really exciting time for us and the NHS as a whole. We train across a wide range of disciplines and departments giving us unique access to see how different services are run.

As an engineer I am trained to problem solve and work creatively which transfers well into the range of work we can get involved in. We can work to design bespoke seating systems for those with complex disabilities or analysis walking patterns for those with joint or muscle deteriorating conditions using motion capture technology. We can perform complex urodynamic or gastrointestinal examinations using engineering principles of fluid flow and pressure or monitor sleep patterns through a range of technological devices.

The opportunities are endless and the possibilities for creating new roles and services where needed is actively encouraged. The pace at which technology is advancing demands that those with technological skills need to get more closely involved in healthcare to ensure that the advances are not only properly utilised but run safely.

So far in my training I have met wonderful people across different NHS services who are all working extremely hard to provide the healthcare our patients deserve and I believe that clinical scientists play a vital role improving and innovating new services as needed. I thoroughly look forward to continuing my training and being able to contribute to such a unique and interesting field of work.

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